About this blog

I created this blog to communicate with the World in English, and basically to talk about God, Who lately has come to play a BIG role in my life. I’ve always believed in Him. I was raised under the Catholic religion and I have no plans to convert. I have conviction in my religion though I don’t really care about arguing about it. I’m Catholic, not only because it was how I was raised but because I chose to be part of pastoral at school (I studied at De La Salle Brothers School in Bogota, Colombia) and there my relationship and love to Jesus strengthened. Besides I met people who were key in my life (one of them still is) and I just don’t wanna change that. I feel connected to my religion as a matter of conviction.

You know that under Christianity, there are Catholic Christians (I’m there) and Protestant or evangelical Christians (as far as I know). However in common speaking, at least in my native language (Spanish), seems to be that are these last ones the ones who got the right to be called Christians, and we are just Catholics… pretty silly but that’s how it is… This is why is important to remind that after all we are all Christians. We all believe in God and Jesus Christ, besides, just for give an example, the real and complete name of De La Salle Brothers is: “Brothers of the CHRISTIANS Schools” and yet they are Catholic Christians. I’m not part of this congregation but I feel I have a strong connection with it.

This is the blog of a 24 year old girl,  who experienced the combination of the two variants of Christianity in her life and found through her life experience and her relationship with a Christian (Evangelic) group the way to feel God’s presence in her life stronger than ever.

Before going any further, I’ll let you know a little bit more about me. I’m a journalist, just graduated from La Sabana University. I also love English and these two reasons, plus God, of course, are what gave me the idea to create this blog.

I have a personal blog in blogger and is mostly in Spanish though it also has some post in English. I’m going to bring a few posts from there related with God  (if they were written in Spanish, you’ll find them here translated)  and put them the original publishing date though ALL the content from this blog is actually being published in 2012.

Welcome and feel free to check all my post on the left menu in recent post or archives.

  1. I enjoyed reading about this blog. It helps me know you a little better.

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

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