Jesus talks to you in different ways

Posted: 9 de October de 2011 in Sin categoría

(In October of last year -2011-, I was told my dad has prosthetic cancer, and is this what makes so important the fact of me taking consciousnesses of what my bracelet said)

I never write here when my parents are around, this is a public space but still I try them not to know a thing about it, it is personal, it is expressing my feelings but not to them. Right now I have my mom next-behind to me because she is doing something in my hair but she is so focused on it she has no clue of what I’m writing and even if she did, well this is one of those cases in which English is a way to protect myself… if it weren’t for this, right now I wouldn’t have made up my mind about which language use in this post…

Now, getting to the point… I was taking a shower, with my cellphone in the bathroom playing music, so I was singing meanwhile. There was a moment in which I took a look to my left wrist and my eyes got fixed in the unique bracelet I wear on it (I have a few more in the right one), and read what it says:

‎”Jesus is a friend who never lets you down” was and is the perfect message for the situation my family and me are going through and then I thought, “I know, my God, you are not gonna let us down in this”, thank YOU, for remembering me this. I’ve been using this bracelet for a couple of years, don’t remember exactly when or where I bought it (ok, where was maybe, not sure, Anapoima) and I’ve never taken it off… maybe just once when it got disjointed and a craftswoman fixed it for me in Santa Marta…


Sometimes you got so used to stuff that are part of your life or daily routine that you forget about their real meaning… and that was pretty much what happened to me with my bracelet… Thanks, my Dear God, for reminding me you are there, you just gave me more strength to keep going and believe we’re gonna pull this through.

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