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(The original post is available in Spanish HERE, it was posted on October 16th, 2011)

This is definitely a late post, maybe because though is something wonderful, at the beginning I didn’t give it much space in my life because of university’s duties. Last night inspiration came to me but it was cut off by the fact of being so sleepy and I couldn’t keep writing, so here I’m restarting what I started… I feel I lost that “magic touch” I had yesterday to write but we’ll see how it turns out to be.

Some months ago, I think it was a night of June or July and I was taking my dog for a walk. I saw a group of people playing soccer I decided to approach them. Some weren’t playing, Diego was among them and it was him who explain me what they were or are…

YFC, Youth For Christ, is a group of Christian teenagers that gather all Saturdays at 4pm. These meetings start with worship songs, then a moment of praying and reflection and finally a snack.  After that, they (or we) usually go to the courtyard of the back part of the neighborhood to play soccer though once in a while the plan changes… I think that, for instance, one day that I didn’t go, they went to eat at McDonald’s and other day that I did go to the meeting, they went to play soccer 5 but I didn’t go with them because it was night and far… not really far but because of the time and the distance I got lazy to go.

It is really cool because they are young and is a space to get closer to God without being a brainwash about the religion you belong to, I’m still Catholic and I have no plans in future to convert. My faith is ingrained to my life history, 25% from family and 75% from school (pastoral and De La Salle). Besides, there’s no really big difference and what it matters is that we are young. I think they are closer to the Bible but that’s all.

This is and international movement, in Spanish, in Colombia, we know it as “Juventud Para Cristo” (JPC) but is globally known as YFC. The day I met them, I took my dog upstairs and came back to play with them. Two weeks later I went for the 4 o’clock Saturday’s meeting that we call “El parche”, it was my first time. That day some kids (teenagers) from U.S were here because they wanted to share with us their play “All Youth” and though they didn’t know Spanish at least not to speak fluently and normal, they did their best to present the play in our language and they were in different depressed parts of Bogota presenting the play, also they went to Girardot, where JPC has also a headquarters, and since this is a warm city, they presented the play but also had time to have fun.

Anyway, I really liked that day because these kids weren’t at Fernando’s house when the meeting started (Fernando is Colombia’s YFC director). They were at Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá and Fernando was with them as well. At the house besides the guys from JPC (in Spanish because I mean the guys from here),  Astrid and Cristina, Fernando’s wife and sister, were in charge. Debbie was the only “gringa” at the house in that moment and it was cool because I helped Astrid and Cristina to communicate with Debbie and I also share a lot with her meanwhile.  When our visitors came back from the Cathedral, they presented the play in draft, so there was some feedback from Jack Tyler, Debbie’s husband and director of the play, as well as comments from us. The snack was peanut butter cookies… so delicious, and that was all for that day.

From that day to the next day I came back it was quite a time… but lately I’ve been able to go with some frequency and each time I’m getting closer to the group and I like it. Last Saturday I arrived late cause I was working on a school assignment, but I wanted to share with them what I was told about my dad’s health condition and so I did. Because it is a space from and to God,  and because I wanted to feel everybody’s support and it was beautiful, though it wasn’t right from me to show up so late and throw that upon them.

That’s all for now, it is a really good place for me. Thanks, my Lord, for being present in my life this way.

What it says at the entrance of Fernando’s house.


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