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Posted: 17 de February de 2012 in Sin categoría

It is clear by now, if you have read my previous posts, that I’m 100% free of time. The reasons I’m not gonna repeat them. Now the question is what I’ve been doing with apparently having nothing to do? Well yeah as usual I spend most of my time on the computer, but not wasting it, not really. I have spirit of investigative journalist, I’m dying to do that kind of journalism, and beyond that, I really like to do some research, not only online but to contact your sources.

Anyway I’m going though the branches. My point is that no matter what the topic is, if I like it or if I’m interested, I’m curious and I like to search for information. That’s pretty much what I’ve spent mi time in, like about 80% or 90% of this week. The subject? correct: God.

Last week I discovered that Kindle for Android was available, and I downloaded 7 books, actually 6 because I got one in English and in Spanish, to further reference, check this post. Or don’t go to it if you don’t want to cause still I’ll talk about it a little bit. It is called “Done. What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible” by Cary Schmidt. I finished reading it last Monday and it has key points about God and how we usually get wrong what the Bible says or ignore the true message. In that post I shared a part that the book says and I think is key, now I wanna summarize the whole message: it says we don’t have to do things to save ourselves for the sins we have committed because Jesus already payed for that. Everything is done and there’s nothing else to do.

After finishing the reading of that book I started with another one I had downloaded, I don’t recall its name and it is not much what I’ve advanced though I liked it and it’s really interesting, also has to do with God but it is like a novel. However the reason why I stopped with that book, or paused, was because a friend handed to me another book called “Entre tú y yo. Cartas a un periodista” = “Between you and me. Letters to a journalist” (that’s how I’m translating the name, maybe if its English version exists, it is not exactly called like that, I don’t know). This book it is not about journalism but the letters of the author were written to a journalist that wanted to know about the Christian life because that was the topic of his thesis. So in every reply of the author to this journalist there’s something interesting, it is not a book that make you think or say “wow!” but is good, I’m reading it but with no rush.

I’ve also been writing here with a remarkable record of posts after I created this blog last Monday, and yes I also have been out of home to do other stuff, like attend to a program to get my weight lower, and going to my university to ask about the options for my internship. Now it is here when I have something to say. My inner self told me I had to pray God to ask Him for an internship to do it this semester, I don’t want to spend six or months or so doing nothing, that idea sucks and scares, also because you get your parents pushing you to do something with your life. That hasn’t happened yet but eventually will happen I guess… considering the time I spend on the computer. I also thought that if God wanted me to use this semester for something else, then he will show me the path and lead. However, though I thought all these, I didn’t actually pray, I didn’t actually talk to God and yet he listened my thoughts. Before telling exactly what I talking about, I wanna make a parenthesis here.

This morning a classmate talked to me on Fb chat and asked me if I knew the graduation dates for this year. I told her I didn’t knew but I had in my school bag a paper from Campus (the weekly University newspaper) in which those dates appeared. I took a look at it to give her the info and also to know it myself and I realized of something: August 28th is one of the graduation dates. If you are lost let me explain: that day is my father’s birthday and would be an excellent birthday gift to him. Maybe I did pray this morning, I have no rush in getting and internship nor getting graduated but I really would like to be among the people who receive their title on August 28th, it is really important and meaningful, I want it to be my dad’s birthday present, it is a wish from the bottom of my heart and I prayed almost begged to God for that (even with tears in my face). I remember it and my eyes get a little wet again right now.

Now I guess this is a response to that praying.  A couple of hours ago Ricardo Galán (he is the creator of a journalistic website here and he has published a few notes of mine) called me to my cellphone. He told me what I already knew because Victor (the teacher that is in charge of the journalism area of the Faculty) told me in a Twitter DM: That they spoke on the phone in the morning and that Ricardo agreed to send Victor a letter explaining what will be my functions for my internship with him at his new web site “Bogota D.C.”. Yes, seems to be I got a new internship. Ricardo told me he was writing the letter and he will send it to me when he finished it, like a draft so I check it first and tell him if I agree with what it says. He already sent it to me and I already replied. He is going to send it to Victor tomorrow.

I’m speechless… God is so big and powerful, thank you my Lord.


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