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I think that for everyone this applies: when you hear the word worship, the first thing you think of is “songs”. Well, I like them too, though my first language is Spanish, worship songs in English have also been a way to get closer to God…

Have you ever asked yourself what could you do to God’s honor and glory? It’s been established that life and relationship with God don’t work like banks, you don’t have to pay for what you received nor you have to offer something to get another thing (of course, I’m talking about forgiveness for our sins and salvation). We got those things for granted, for God’s infinite love and mercy.

Haven’t you felt He is really amazing with the good things that happen in your live? Would you like to do something for Him just to say thank you? I mean, something beyond saying it, come one, he is almighty but he is also a friend, like any other friend, superior, of course, but still a friend, and I guess once in a while you like to do nice things for your friends to tell them “I love you”, “thank you” or any other way to send a special message, just because you feel it to do so, and is spontaneous.

Or maybe is just me, I like to do nice things, I like to have special details with the people I love, I could give a couple of examples but that’s not the point right now. The point is that just the same way, sometimes we feel it towards God, don’t you?

And then songs appear as the first, most famous, and most common option to do that. Great, if you know how to play the guitar, the keyboard, piano or any other instrument. Great, if day by day you practice and improve, making your skills and knowledge wider, great if you sing well or do your best to do it well and also improve. Great, if you start playing and singing others songs and then you start to write your own songs… Or maybe you have no interest in make music one of your hobbies or something bigger (more important), and you just wanna learn and sing songs that you heard, and somehow they touched you.

Well, this is my case: I play keyboard, but no piano, I mean, my left hand is used to play the chords, while the keyboard give me the rhythm, so my left hand is pretty “dumb”, if you know what I mean, and my right hand (the notes) is pretty skilled. I can get the musical notes (melody) of a song by listening to it, get the chords online, look for the right rhythm to it and play it, sometimes is easy others I really have to practice and try harder to get it. I like to sing though my voice is not the best, is pretty strong, and sometimes is really hard for me to sing a high note or when is low, my voice gets lower than what is supposed to be. Besides, this is just a hobbie. They say God doesn’t take that into account, well I think that He deserves perfection, and mine is not in music. Still I’ve learned a lot of songs this year that I have saved in my computer on a separated folder called “God’s music”, and also they are as a playlist with the same name on my cellphone. Sometimes I listen to them and sing, it makes me happy, I like it.

Have you ever feel you should (or you would like to) use your talent and the best thing you know how to do, to honor God? I make this question to whoever is reading this, but also I think in someone in specific: a friend who loves photography, I wonder if she has ever felt or thought that, and if because of that she have turned her talent into actions to honor God… maybe, you know, taking pictures at Paraiso, could be an example…

Well, mi talent, and the best thing I can do is writing, and today I came to the thought that I would like to use my writings to honor God, how?, is the key question. I’ve never taught anything to people, I mean not when it comes to pure knowledge, life experience doesn’t count in this case. I’ve never taught anything cause I always say I’ve never done that before and I have no experience nor methodology. And then I picture myself taking a diploma or something like that in pedagogy and then saying to myself “ok, now I’m ready to teach”. It is not a conscious nor deliberate, premeditated excuse but it is a excuse, how am I supposed to get experience if I never try? I have no idea how to teach English nor how to teach writing skills, but I can try, I would like to, specially the second part, not only because is the best thing I can do but because is also a way to be free, you know, to take out the things that oppress you, open a little bit, is also a way to get though you inner self and try to fix your life if you think you have to or need to, don’t tell me everything is perfect. Writing is an option and is for the ones who want it and like it, to take things out, to write fictional stories, etc., (actually when you tell kids -or people in general- to write a story you can see real stuff reflected in it, could be a good way to start). And kids from Paraiso are going through a lot of things…

I don’t know, just thinking, it could help… Too bad something else occupies my Saturday mornings right now, I can arrange it to be on Saturday afternoons, maybe not sure cause I don’t know (I don’t remember) what it is the latest time I can see him, you know is up to him and his agenda (psychologist). If possible, then maybe I would miss the Parche, and I would have to make the decision whether I prefer to share and give to people than to receive from God and His word. If I feel is my time to give, then I guess I already got the answer to that choosing part. You never stop learning and I have a lot to learn from God but He has been more than generous with me, and is my time to give, to honor Him, to say “Thank you, Lord”, but in actions.

Feel free to remember me anytime what I just said/write, and what I wanna do, it can’t be just a blog post, it has to turn into actions.


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