What I don’t like

Posted: 1 de May de 2012 in Sin categoría

(I’m dragging some ideas from different things I’ve wrote originally in Spanish).

Sometimes I feel I’m “no one” at YFC but still I think I’m starting to do things that can be appreciated, like talking to a guy who is going through something that makes him sad. While talking to him I was able to tell clearly what is what I see at YFC that I don’t like, I wasn’t able to that before, I couldn’t explain why I felt awkward sometimes, but while talking to him I could speak my mind.

So here it is: Most of  the ppl, since they are worried to have a real close relationship with God, they live so prevented and in fear of doing something wrong, they live like with a manual of life that tells them what you have to do, what you can do and what you CAN’T do. It seems they measure their actions all the time and even the actions of everyone else. That makes things hard because sometimes it creates like an awkward tension and I don’t like that. Is a tension that is strongly determined by a collective thinking and  for “what people say”.

Is true that we are no one to judge others but sometimes it seems like God’s law or what He says it were the pointing finger in others mouth. Sometimes it seems that we were authorized to judge because “God says something” and if you go against that, you are wrong and I have the right to judge you since you are acting against His word… is like something we tend to assume without being conscious of that.

Would be great if we could be ourselves for real, not having to suppress some parts of our personality for fear of not being accepted. Would be great if we could be a little bit more tolerant with others way to think.


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