Speaking to Him (A tough question)

Posted: 1 de June de 2012 in Sin categoría

Maybe this is not the best way to talk to You, my Lord and to make You this heavy question, but maybe is useful at least as a draft.

You know everything, You know what is the question though I haven’t written it here, You know it since it crossed my mind or even before. So you know, I was reading that news about Gustavo Cerati and then I asked myself… Why or what for people spend so much time in comma? What is the purpose? How do we know in which moment of that “long pause” the soul of that person finally rests despite of the fact that the body is still alive though unconscious almost death? or on the contrary it hangs on to the body with all its strengths looking for a second chance? You, Lord, the owner of the life, please tell me why does exists the comma status? what for you take a body and a soul debating among life and death for so long? What makes You decide whether if that person must join You or on the contrary go back to life? How do You do it to decide or when do You do it?

What do You tell me about the family? I guess the first months they live in constant agony and anguish… then they get used to it and almost lose they hope though deep inside they keep it even if is minimum… they cling to the idea of seeing the person next to them, walking, laughing, living again…

Seriously, I don’t get it, and please excuse me for questioning Your Infinite Wisdom and Your will, but if usually human life is about being or not being, to live or to die, what is the point of that weird status pretty much like an earthly limbo? Does the purpose of it have to do with the person that is in comma status, whether if he or she joins you or comes back to life as a lesson? Or does the purpose have to do with the relatives and the experience as something that teach them and strengthen them?


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