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Ok so I don’t know how many people read me here but I believe a few do it and they may know a little bit about me just for this blog. Well this are my updates: I’m 4 days and a half left to finish my internship: December 26th, 27th, 28th, half day of 31st and January 2nd, there, I’m done!

Also I have to say that I guess this year I was in some kind of search for the Word of God since, you know, regular Catholics aren’t very close to the Bible. I think this is my way to explain all what I lived in matter of faith and believing, and how my experience in an Evangelical group help me on that. Now I feel that the search have ended, I still believe in Him and you never stop learning from Him and about Him through life, but I just feel full of Him, the hole I had is covered. Because of that and also because of my work, I stopped writing here.

Finally, I have something a little bit sad to tell: my dog, my companion for the last 15 years has passed away. We put him to sleep cause he had tumors in his throat that made it really hard for him to eat and swallow, the last days we always had to took him to the vet for some fluid. So yes he is gone. One happy thing to share, in the middle of this difficulty, is that my dad conceded me my wish of burying him (paying to do so at a special place) and this helped a little bit with the pain we feel since two weeks later, on the day of my b-day (Sept 30th) we went back there to decorate his tomb and this is what it looks like… seriously despite the pain, this is a reason to smile, it looks beautiful and give us the feeling we gave him the best till the very last moment.


The epitaph I wrote says this, of course in Spanish: “Here lays a crazy monkey, my loyal companion. God will take good care of you, my Chispitas, thank you for all these years of your wonderful company”.

“Monkey” is the closest translation I have for what I meant: I taught him to climb on the toboggan at the park and to do other stuff when I was a kid, no idea how I did it, so he was kind of mischievous most part of his life, a book of stories to tell and laugh.

I have survived to the lost, I have managed it well and so it does my mom. But now that the holidays are coming I want to share this post that I wrote today (right before this post) on a new blog I created. On that blog I’m always talking to him like to the memory of him that lives in me, is a good exercise or therapy that just came out of my mind one day. Also is supposed to be just in Spanish but today I broke the rule. Please read and give me some feedback. This is the link (click here).